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From pick-up of raw materials to fast delivery of finished parts, Dalton CNC provides full service precision CNC routing of tight tolerance 2D flat or 3D shaped parts. We utilize high speed, state-of-the-art CNC routing equipment to cut, bore, trim, and shape a wide variety of materials including aluminum, other soft metals, wood, foam, composite, wax, and plastic. Our in house 3-axis capabilities offer a build envelope of 49" x 97", combined with a powerful high speed spindle allows us the ability to fabricate richly detailed parts quickly and with tolerances to ± .005". We also have in place extensive quality control and check procedures so you can rest assured that your parts are exactly what you specified every time.

Our professional team works with you each step of the way to ensure tolerances, quality standards, and delivery schedules are met. We always welcome you to supply your own materials, or we can source many different materials for you at a reasonable cost.

Examples of parts we produce include foam packaging inserts, cabinet/closet pieces, signs, wooden furniture, plastic components, prototypes, and industrial component parts of many shapes and sizes.

For more information on how our precision CNC routing services can benefit your next application.